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Chiropractic  Healing Center


Chiropractic Healing Center is a group of practitioners working together to empower and restore our patients to comfort and better function through collaborative natural health care.
Our group includes:

Chiropractic Healing Center was established in 1988 and has evolved over the years, incorporating a variety of specialties within our walls, as well as forming relationships with our greater healthcare community in Eugene and in our region.

We coordinate care within our practice and work actively in supporting patients when outside resources are required. The core of our practice is a common interest in thorough, thoughtful treatment of patients, and we take the time needed to provide quality care. We find richness in working together, which is a pleasure for us and a wonderful benefit for our patients!

Our Mission: We serve our community as a holistic, cooperative practice and offer our skills, knowledge and hearts to enhance and inspire your well-being and vitality.

If this is the first time you are considering Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) you may, quite naturally, have many questions. While our website is full of useful information, please visit our Techniques pages as well as our Links page for more comprehensive information, including research studies showing the effectiveness of CAM.

Our patients return to us because they appreciate our focus on the restoration of function, not just the relief of pain. With restored function (i.e. range of motion, strength, endurance, etc.) the body’s ability to heal itself is highlighted and encouraged. When this occurs, the pain typically disappears or is greatly reduced.

We each have a different set of skills to provide. It is common to be referred to other practitioners within and outside of our office to complement a patient’s ongoing care. One benefit of working so closely together is the intimate familiarity that is engendered. We feel this is a great advantage for our patients when coordinating their wellness program.

Our focus is on educating the patient about their specific condition whenever possible. Patients familiar with the cause of their pain find that there is considerable relief from dispelling the mystery and also that patients can be integrated and involved in their rehabilitation and long-term prevention of re-occurrence. With true understanding comes the belief that a person can make a difference in their own quality of life. This is enormously empowering for anyone who has experience with chronic pain.

With open arms and open hearts we welcome you to our family!