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Chiropractic  Healing Center


The Chiropractic Healing Center, is a group of practitioners offering chiropractic care and massage therapy. We share a commitment to finding the most incisive approach to healing and optimizing health.
Chiropractic Healing Center provides a supportive environment for our practitioners to join forces in creating multi-disciplinary treatment, which is intentionally coordinated to meet the needs of each patient.
A foundation of good care is based in sound diagnosis and treatment based on clinical response. We work within our group and within the greater community of health care resources to create appropriate, coordinated care.

Our Chiropractors:

Laura K. Adams, DC

Laura Adams, DC

Laura Adams, DC

Laura has been in practice as a chiropractic physician since 1982, after graduating from Western States Chiropractic College in 1981. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry in 1976 at UCSB. She entered the field with a strong sense of mission about empowering people through their health care choices. Over the years, her collaborative relationships with other practitioners have deepened and created a strong sense of how her work fits into the spectrum of healing, health care and life. The Chiropractic Healing Center has been a satisfying and fruitful product of that pursuit.

Laura’s skills are focused mainly on manipulation of the spine, extremities, cranium and internal organs (viscera). The core of her manual approach is soft tissue work. Diagnosis and clinical response are the guiding basis in her work for designing treatment.

Laura’s techniques include:
• Neurologically-based soft tissue work
• Chiropractic adjusting of the spine and all extremities
• CranioFacial manipulation and CranioSacral therapy
• Visceral manipulation
• Graston Technique® soft tissue mobilization
• Frequency Specific Microcurrent
• Self care and exercise instruction

Laura’s approach to treatment is eclectic and she works with people of all ages. Each person plays the most important role in their own healing and her passion is to spark interest in that process.
Dr. Adams is currently contracted with PacificSource only.

Photo of  Dr. Adams by Amy Picard


Kal Welch, DC

Kal Welch, DC

Kal Welch, DC

Dr. Kal Welch was raised in South Dakota and grew up going to chiropractors regularly. He
received his bachelor’s degree in zoology from Oregon State University and moved to Southern California to pursue his chiropractic degree at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where he graduated in 2009. He returned to Oregon in 2011, and has worked with various clinic practice styles in Portland and Eugene. He’s excited to be part of the collaborative team at Chiropractic Healing Center and believes in an approach that caters to the whole individual. Kal’s practice style emphasizes a focus on the soft tissue components of conditions, along with gentle manual chiropractic adjustments to facilitate movement and increase range of motion.

His techniques include:
• Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization
• Active and passive myofascial release
• Impulse, activator, and percussor instruments

In his free time, Kal enjoys hiking and biking, experimenting in the kitchen, gardening, animals, and spending time with his friends and family. He is dedicated to personal growth and living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys helping others do the same.